Ontime Group Launch New ‘Ask James’ Web App to Help Find Elusive Experts

Following extensive positive feedback from our client firms, the Ontime Group has launched a new web app to assist specialist personal injury and clinical negligence lawyers in locating those rare and elusive experts that can take forever to find.

James Molloy, the Ontime Group’s Director of Operations is following up the success of the ‘Ask Sharon’ app, where lawyers can make an enquiry on a wide range of costs matters, with ‘Ask James’, an app to help lawyers find elusive experts, enquire about the Ontime Group’s investigations service, or get a quote for medical records pagination.

“Our resident ‘expert hunters’ have scored some big results in recent months. One of our client firms told us that their previous medical agency had spent more than 3 months looking for rare experts for a particularly demanding case. We found them in three days, and the firm was delighted. They switched their reporting to the Ontime Group, and it was they who suggested we should open the service up.”

Ontime Group’s approach is simple: they leave no stone unturned in the quest for the right expert, and when the regular directories and resources have been exhausted, they turn to social media, news stories and peer recommendations to find the experts needed. On occasions, they draft in one of their investigations team to assist with the search. They’ve yet to be thwarted.

“We love the really challenging searches. We were asked to source a plastic surgeon and cosmetic treatment expert for a client now living in Los Angeles. The time differences and very specific instruction procedures made it difficult, but we came through for the firm and they were over the moon.”

Ontime Group’s roster of recent success stories include a behavioural optometrist, an equinologist specialising in racehorses, and an anaesthetist with a special interest in obstetrics and the use of epidurals.

James continues: “We believe we’re the first to offer this unique service; someone who’s willing to accept the challenge of finding the most obscure expert witnesses.”

And he certainly likes to be tested: “I know from talking to lawyers that the search for experts can be a real pain, especially with the pressures that they’re all under right now, but our team love hunting for the weird and wonderful, and find a successful search very rewarding. We can save lawyers a lot of time.”

If you would like to try out our innovative service, just go to ontimegroup.co.uk/reports and click into the Ask James app.

“We’ll reply straight away, make sure we fully understand your needs and give you a clear picture of exactly what we can do to help – why not give us a try with that really elusive expert you’ve been searching for?!”