Meet Lucy Shuli – Medical Agency Administrator

I have been working for Ontime Reports since November 2016 after previous experience working in Manchester City Centre as an administrator for a finance company and online retail company.

I started my education in England until the age of five when I moved to France with my family. I endured a baptism of fire entering the French school system as a non-speaker of the French language. I soon became fluent in the French language and continued my education up to baccalaureate.

Prior to moving back to England, I worked for an international defence company for a European base in Normandy.

 My hobbies include listening to a diverse range of musical genre from rock music including French rock to Irish traditional music being from an Irish family.

A few of my favourite bands are Green Day, Oasis, Jimmy Eat World and The High Kings.

I have a high interest in both civil and criminal law and problem solving.

I also maintain my connections with the French culture by keeping in touch with my friends and family in France.

One of my favourite quotes is “Don’t be sad because said backwards is das, and das not good.”