Ontime Group helps JS Miller achieve ‘higher than expected’ six figure settlement for client injured in motorbike accident

JS Miller Solicitors won a six figure settlement for a client who was involved in a serious motorcycle accident thanks in part to the efforts of Ontime Group.

The case was led by ‘Miss Justice’, Jeanette Miller, the senior partner of  JS Miller Solicitors. The firm is a busy and successful boutique law firm with a small team of dedicated lawyers who use the specialist services of Ontime Group.

“We’ve worked with Ontime Group for a few years now to help us ensure the best possible outcome for our clients.  We find the Group to be extremely efficient, particularly in sourcing experts in unusual fields as was required in this case, such as urology and fertility, and often at very short notice,” said Miss Miller.

The case required Ontime Group to arrange four different experts to assess his injuries and future needs.

Ontime Group arranged for the client to be seen by an occupational therapist and was then able to agree an ongoing personal care plan and also the costs this would incur.  In addition, it arranged for the client to be assessed by an orthopaedic hand specialist, an orthopaedic surgeon and an urologist.

Furthermore, Ontime Group was responsible for organising joint reports in conjunction with the defence team, which had its own experts working on the case.

Miss Miller continues:  “We had to comply with very tight court deadlines in this case and the experts needed to be chased on a daily basis.  Ontime Group was incredibly helpful in this respect and enabled us to comply with directions and achieve a much higher settlement than could have been the case without the quality medical evidence we were able to source.

“This was a very complicated and complex file due to the extent of my client’s injuries, the tight deadlines we had to work to and a wide range of compliance issues, but Ontime Group helped us get all the information we needed when we needed it.”

Ontime Group also took responsibility for the transportation, between the hospital and the law firm, of the original – and therefore valuable – discs showing the client’s X-rays.

“The X-rays on the discs were integral to this case and it gave us peace of mind to know they would be delivered to us safely and on time.  There has to be an element of trust between our firm and our service providers and we have that with Ontime Group, which played a small but very important role in the success of this case.”