Getting to know Hillie Buller

Hillie Buller RGN

I have been working for Ontime Reports since 2014 and feel very lucky to be able to work from my home in Kent with the occasional visit to the office in Manchester to have a catch up with the team.

My background is in Intensive Care  nursing with Cardiology, Cardiothoracic, Renal and Trauma experience as well.

I had a prolonged break from working in the clinical setting due to raising two children and am lucky to have found  work that fits around my home life and that uses my nursing knowledge.

Some interesting facts about me:

  1. I grew up in sunny Southport and so am a northerner at heart though I have been living in London and the south for a very long time.
  2. My two children are in fact not children but grown up (still living at home): My son is 24 and has almost completed his studies to become a chartered accountant.
  3. My daughter is 21 in her placement year (mid degree in Graphic Design) and is working for a virtual reality company and also a laser cutting company in London.
  4. My husband commutes to London each day and works as a valuer/auctioneer.
  5. 3 words that describe me…..How complimentary shall I be? Ok I shall be complimentary….I guess I am hard-working, honest and am  family orientated.

What do I do in my spare time? Well I don’t have a lot of that but I like to meet friends for meals out, have holidays on the Med with my brothers and my Irish cousins, swim, go for walks, spend time in our family bolt hole in West Cork.

My husband and I take 400+ sick people to Lourdes in France each year along with a team of nurses and doctors and  since the patients would not normally be able to travel due to their illnesses, they look forward to this week very much. Obviously there is a Roman Catholic/Christian foundation to the whole thing but some people just come for the craic.

Our whole family is involved in the running of our local cricket club which is incredibly time consuming but great fun as well.

Something you don’t know about me…… When I was 12 I rode on Red Rum and walked around the stable yard. This was about the time that he won the Grand National three times so it was a huge thrill. I was horse- mad as a teenager.

Favourite quote………Don’t keep on doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Obama said this during his presidency but in fact it was first expounded  by Einstein as the definition of insanity.