My Whole Self Day

Rebecca Stevens DSA
Rebecca Stevens DSA Director of Ontime

Ontime are really enjoying participating in ‘My Whole Self Day’ with many of the team coming into work in clothes that reflect what we wear to relax out of work.

In our morning huddle various team members shared why they have worn their chosen outfit and how this reflects our whole self.

Vicky Whitby shared ‘I live in Active Wear, this is because I find it comfortable as well as for fitness. I enjoy running and find that I feel most like my whole self when I am pounding the streets and processing my thoughts.’

Jane Holding shared ‘I lost my mother a few years ago and have recently lost my father.  I now find myself in a period of discovering what my whole self might be.

Having spent the last 40 years being a mum and carer for my parents I am a bit of a loss as to where I am needed and what my role in life is. This is both a little daunting and an opportunity to try something new.’

The team have taken part in the Express/Ontime raffle to raise money for the Mental Health Foundation and completed a Word search devised by Jaymee Leigh McKew on of our file handlers.

The Word search was a good screen-break activity, that included everyone and even brought out a healthy competitive streak in some of the team.

It has been an excellent distraction from the concerns everyone has about Coronavirus. It is more important than ever at this time to look after ourselves, each other and stay as positive as possible.