The View of a Solicitor

With an extremely busy case load I want my life to be made as easy as possible with external help as sometimes asking for other people’s help and then ending up doing it yourself is more frustrating that doing it yourself in the first place!

Historically, this is what I found with medical agencies and I would end up ringing experts myself to get reports or information which is what I wanted to avoid.

Furthermore, the delay due to other medical agencies or dealing directly with the experts of course meant that I had a bottle neck in my cases where I was waiting a very long time for medical records and report.

Since using Ontime I have found that the delays are now minimal and they have been extremely helpful in ensuring that my cases run much more smoothly. Not only have they streamlined the process in respect of nominating the most appropriate experts but they arrange appointments and then provide the reports in a fairly short space of time.

They have a large database of experts (even the weird and wonderful that I need in some of my cases) and they are always happy to help and go the extra mile to ensure that I get what I need. One huge benefit is that they have good links to treatment, investigation and rehab providers which not only have speeded up settlement in sometimes long drawn out cases but have also got the client’s the treatment quickly be it physiotherapy or CBT  and other investigations such x-rays, CT/MRI scan and medical photographs.

In the brave new world of fixed fees, solicitors will need to work more quickly, cheaply and smarter and I for one will not be incurring costs by chasing medical experts, medical appointments and records and will leave that up to Ontime.