Ontime Group saves time and money for Beech Jones

Full service law firm, Beech Jones, currently acting for a circus performer who suffered severe burns to his head, arms and legs when a faulty gas cylinder exploded aboard his caravan, enlisted the services of Ontime Group to provide the required medical reports for his case.

Having worked with the provider since 2012, Beech Jones knew it could rely on Ontime Group to find the best medical experts to assess its client and provide the subsequent medical reports.

Managing director at Beech Jones, Paul Dumbleton said:  “We’ve worked with Ontime Group for a couple of years and benefit from using its services in several ways. 

“One advantage to us is that Ontime Group provides extended credit, so it’s a fantastic way for us to fund medical reports in CFA based cases.

“Ontime Group also has a very broad database of medical experts that it’s able to call upon to asses our clients.  If we need more unusual or difficult to find professionals, the team will go above and beyond to get them.  Our lawyers just don’t have the time to do this and, even if they did, it’s work that couldn’t be billed, so it makes perfect sense to use Ontime Group, which does all the leg work and then presents us with expert suitability and availability.

“In the case of our client who was severely injured with 75% burns, Ontime Group organised home visits from an occupational therapist and nursing care specialist, as well as transport to his appointment with the plastic surgeon, who doesn’t undertake home visits.   It’s essential that our clients keep their appointments if cases are to move forward to a speedier conclusion and Ontime Group makes this happen.  In this particular case, our client couldn’t speak any English, only Swahili, so Ontime Group also arranged for a translator to accompany him to every appointment. 

“These seemingly little things can make a big difference to Beech Jones.  Finding and making appointments with medical experts and translators can take time, as can arranging transport, but Ontime Group just gets on with it.  The Group’s input is valuable to us as we work hard at putting together a robust case for our clients.  The detailed and timely medical reporting we’re provided with is also vital, as it can make the difference between us winning or losing a case.

“In essence, Ontime Group gives our very busy lawyers a bit of breathing space to do what they do best – using their skills to achieve successful outcomes for their clients.”