Henry Goodger

Medical Agency File Handler

I started my journey with OnTime Reports in July of 2023 and have enjoyed every moment. One could not ask for a more hard-working, caring and wholly inspirational team. The fact I can call myself part of it, is a true privilege.

Prior to working at Ontime I had worked a range of retail roles as well as achieved my Masters in Philosophy at the University of Sussex. Both, I believe, have helped me develop an attitude and work ethic I can be proud of.

Being at Ontime, allows me to bring my past experiences and newly gained skills and apply them in a way that matters. Working in Employment Liability and previously working in retail, I can further understand the working conditions some of our clients face and empathise with where they have been failed by their employers. Encouraging me to truly recognise my role as not just a job but a place where people’s lives can be made better, very much so through my actions.

In my spare time, I can often be found reading, finding new coffee places around Manchester and playing the Banjo.

Email: henry.goodger@ontimereports.co.uk