Louis Apostolou

Medical Expert Liaison Specialist

Email: louis.apostolou@ontimereports.co.uk

I started working at Ontime in September 2023 after finishing my three year law degree at the University of Salford. I started University just as lockdowns were put into place, which meant my experience at university was a unique and unusual one. Despite this experience, I learnt endless skills, too many to list but a key skill I developed was analytical and research skills which has enabled me to be able to elucidate and communicate complex information and write concisely. With this, during my time at university, I volunteered in law firms, where I gained a real understanding of how the work we do positively impacts our clients and I am thoroughly enjoying putting this into practise on a daily basis at Ontime, whilst gaining knowledge of how medical agencies assist with claims.

Outside of work, I like to take long drives, with no destination in mind and having country music playing on the radio. I also enjoy shopping, particularly for new shoes, I enjoy travelling and trying new foods and love to have a drink with friends and family.