Karen Fatkin

Medical Records Analyst

Although I have only worked for Ontime for two and half years, I feel very privileged to be a part of our supportive Medical Records Analyst (MRA) team. In a former life I was both a Nurse and a Midwife within the NHS so have an in-depth clinical knowledge of medical records. I have worked in many medical fields including gynaecology, obstetrics and midwifery, neonates, health visiting, paediatrics and child development, as well as within the child protection arena. I was also a Supervisor of Midwives so have past experience of listening to client’s concerns about their maternity care as well as investigating suboptimal care from a midwifery point of view.

Working as a MRA has enabled me to continue to extend my knowledge about the constantly evolving clinical treatment/care expected within the scope of both national guidelines and individual Trust’s protocols and how sometimes clinician’s fail to meet these standards. My ethos has always been to look after my clients the way I would want to be cared for myself. Therefore, together with all the team at Ontime, good attention to detail and a passion for client care ensures every case is approached from a client centred outlook in order to understand the injured person’s clinical story. This process starts with the sorting and presenting of the client’s medical records in a structured way and then progresses to a chronology of events and the production of a memorandum which identifies the focus of any areas for the legal team to take forward.

I am very family orientated so a lot of my spare time involves making memories with my three children, four grandchildren and children who we have previously fostered. My hobbies include walking our two dogs, cooking, reading, swimming, knitting and playing an active part in our local WI group – which I have to add has a lot of members that are younger than myself!