Case Review: Kilby v Brown (Birkenhead County Court 2014)

Introduction Claimant solicitors who deal with disputed medical expert fees and commonly use the Part 7 & Part 8 procedure will no doubt be aware of the recent, first instance decision in the case of Kilby v Brown (2014). Facts/Circumstances The case involved a low-value RTA case, which District Judge Peake described as “a couple… Continue reading Case Review: Kilby v Brown (Birkenhead County Court 2014)

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Guideline hourly rates – Guidelines not Tramlines

This week, we focus on the often misunderstood topic of The Supreme Court Costs Office (SCCO) Guideline Hourly Rates. There is more misunderstanding about the SCCO rates than in any other aspect of costs. Quite simply they do not apply to anything other than summary assessment.